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Solar and Battery Solutions


Cost Savings and Backup Power for Your Home or Business

A hybrid solar system consists of an inverter, solar panels and battery storage – it has batteries as well as a grid connection, so it provides electricity cost savings and back-up during power outages.

With the inverter synchronising the solar power and the Eskom grid, the power generated by the solar panels during the day can be fed directly into your internal electrical network and save on your electricity bill. So, every KWh generated by the solar system is a kWh less required from Eskom or local municipality.

And because a hybrid system has batteries, it also acts as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) in the event of a power outage or when the sun is not shining. The solar PV system will charge up the batteries first and then the excess production will supplement your household/ business energy needs – so you get the benefit of back-up when the grid is not available AND you get to dramatically reduce your electricity account by generating your own electricity from your solar panels. 

The great benefit of a hybrid system is that you can add additional battery back-up and additional solar panels at a later stage as budget allows.  Hybrid solar PV systems are the ideal solution for the residential customer who owns their property and where load shedding and power outages are an issue, and you want power for when the grid is not available, as well as cost savings to bring down the costs of your grid electricity usage.  

Solar and Battery Solutions Packages