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Grid-tie Solar Solutions


A Cost-Effective Solution for Reducing Grid Electricity Usage

This solution has an inverter and panels only, and no battery storage. This system supplements your grid energy usage and is a good option for reducing electricity usage from the grid. In the event of a blackout or power outage, your solar system is forced to shut down and will not provide back-up as there are no batteries. Grid-tie solutions are practical solutions for large commercial operations that want to dramatically reduce their electricity bill by producing all their daytime energy requirements, free from the sun, and typically where battery storage is simply not practical due to very high energy demand and costs. They are often integrated with generator systems for back-up. These systems provide a savings benefit only and do not provide back-up in the event of load shedding or power outages. It is the system configuration most typically used in power purchase agreements by large commercial users.

Grid-Tie Solar Solutions Packages