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Customized Solar Solutions

Scalable Packages with Professional Consultation

We offer a wide range of product solutions and packages that are always designed based on your needs analysis and energy auditing which we do prior to any quotations. The following packages are current specials and indicative pricing valid while stocks last, and always subject to site assessment and needs analysis.

We don’t believe in shooting in the dark and always recommend doing a proper consultation and needs analysis with you so that you thoroughly understand your options and can make an informed choice that stands in you good stead for the long term. There is no cost to you for a professional consultation – so book yours with One Energy, and make the right solar choice, first time round.

All our packages are designed as scalable solutions that you can add to and build as your budget allows and your needs change, so any investment you make today won’t be lost or become redundant by a change in your future circumstances. Not all PV solutions and technology offer this scalable capability, so be sure of what you are investing in, and protect your investment in getting off the grid, step-by-step, for the long haul.