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About Us

A Leader in Renewable Energy Solutions with a Decade of Experience

Established in 2011, the One Energy Group is the largest and most successful renewable energy franchise network in South Africa, and today stands as an icon of service excellence and perfect installations in the industry.  We have a network of franchised branches nationally, and we pride ourselves on the fact that every client across residential and commercial portfolios is a contactable reference. 

We constantly evolve our product solutions in line with new technologies, providing one of the most comprehensive solar energy offerings for the residential and commercial sectors. Our suite of solar solutions is procured only through premium, tier 1 suppliers who have the financial backing, local presence and support and proven reputation of standing by all product guarantees and warranties.

Our driving business philosophy is summed up in two words – “Perfect Installations”.  With over 13 500+ successful installations completed as at the end of 2022, we are extremely proud of our proven track record and unquestionably one of the highest service levels and business ethics in the industry. 

With more than a decade long experience of operating successfully in the industry, our technical expertise, insights, processes and systems are tried and trusted – from the very first consultation, through to design and installation, to the ongoing back-up and support we provide our customers – you have the peace of mind of dealing with a professional solar energy partner that walks the journey to greater grid independence with you, step-by-step, for the long haul. 

3 Steps to Achieve Grid Independence

The journey to grid independence is a big and important decision and you need to be sure that the steps you take today are right for your needs down the line. 

Schedule your obligation-free consultation and comprehensive assessment to get off the grid, step-by-step, with a solar partner that walks the journey with you, every step of the way. 

Book a Free site visit & consultation

A thorough load analysis, site assessment and consultation is a must to work out the right fit for your needs based on day/night usage, selective loads or peak demands and your long term plans, all of which need to be factored into your solar PV solution. We can tell you how much your system will generate and what you can expect with absolute confidence – because we’ve done the proper groundwork upfront with you.

System design & implementation

Based on your site assessment and energy audit, we’ll design a scalable, quality solar PV hybrid solution that takes care of your immediate needs for back-up power during load shedding and power failures and allows you to scale up in future to maximum self-generation by adding solar panels and additional battery storage if needed. Not all inverters offer this scalable functionality so work with a solar partner who is experienced in this field.

‘always on’ power

When the lights do go out in your suburb, you won’t even know about it. You take back control and ensure the security of your electricity supply, your productivity, your safety and costs for your home and business with reliable, renewable solar performance.