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Back-up (UPS) Solutions


Keep the Power On During Outages with Inverter and Battery Storage

A back-up or UPS-type solution consists of an inverter and batteries only and does not have solar panels connected. It provides back-up power for when the grid goes down, however it does not provide any saving on your electricity bill. The system will still draw power from the grid to charge up your batteries, and then store this power in the batteries until you need it during an outage or load shedding. Once the grid electricity returns, your batteries will then be recharged and ready for the next outage.   

Many of our clients often start with a back-up / UPS configuration and then add solar panels and additional battery back-up at a later stage as their budget allows to also reduce their electricity bill.  However, it is critically important that you have the correct inverter set-up from the outset as not all inverters can be linked up to battery storage or solar panels.


A Back-up solution (inverter and battery) is ideally suited to someone who needs to build their system up as their budget allows and needs immediate back-up, or where it is not feasible to add solar panels due to roof, shading or building rental conditions, but you still need power for when the grid goes down. It’s also an ideal solution for commercial and retail businesses that want to keep their offices and operations working during power outages.

Back-up (UPS) Solutions Packages