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Commercial Solutions


Renewable Energy Solutions for Businesses

One Energy’s national South African footprint allows us to facilitate national renewable energy projects for companies who want a standardised installation and national roll out across all their operations. 

Bulk Water Heating

One Energy provides bulk water heating solutions for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications in line with SANS regulations – think factories, schools, complexes, hospitality, sports clubs, food production and so on.  Large-scale water heating projects – 5 000 litres of hot water and above – provide businesses with an investment where capital invested can be paid off in as little as 5 years or less.

Solar PV systems

It’s evident that the rapidly escalating electricity prices are simply unsustainable and unaffordable for many businesses.  One of the key ways in which commercial and industrial energy users are looking to ease their electricity costs, secure their energy supply and make a difference in so far as the environmental impact of their production processes go is through photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation. 

 Many clients like the appeal of a grid-tie PV system which allows them to use PV during the daylight hours to power their businesses – and then to switch over to grid electricity at night.  If you consider that most businesses have their peak demand during the day when they operate, using the energy form the sun during the day makes great financial sense.  Many businesses also use PV in conjunction with other power sources like diesel generators to provide a continuous source of power during blackouts or load shedding. Depending on your electricity usage and size of your PV system, most will amortise their costs within five to seven years. 

Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) partners are able to provide a solution whereby you get a cost saving by replacing a portion of your utility energy supply with solar energy. The solar energy tariffs are lower than your Eskom/municipal energy tariffs, and you are covered 100% upfront for the installation and ongoing maintenance costs when you take up a power purchase agreement. With the addition of energy storage/batteries you can also ensure security of supply for your business.