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never worry about load shedding & outrageous electricity costs again.


Our solar experts come to you and do a thorough site assessment, energy audit and needs consultation to design the perfect, long-term solar solution for your home or business. It’s obligation-free and at no cost to you.


Take control of your electricity supply and costs at home and at work so that load shedding, power outages and spiralling electricity costs never impact you again.

Cost Saving

Fix your electricity costs for the next 20-25 years, at a fraction of what you are currently paying for grid electricity, with a phenomenal ROI and the peace of mind of real grid independence, for the long haul.

Cape Town Compliant

We not only handle the essential municipal SSEG application and engineer approval on your behalf, but we also guarantee the installation of premium, city-approved inverters to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Navigating the Solar Market

Choosing the Right Backup Power Solution for Long-term Grid Independence

The rocketing costs of electricity, load shedding & a collapsing Eskom wreak havoc at both our homes and workplaces. But before you rush into purchasing a power solution, you need to take a considered and long-term view of how to get yourself as close to grid independence as possible, from the outset.

Any money spent on an unsuitable back-up solution today detracts from your ultimate objective of greater grid-independence and self-sufficiency. Don’t be lured into the many cheap solutions being punted
on the market by drop-and-go shippers and be especially wary of the many unqualified fly-by-nights who have popped up in a bid to cash-in on the solar boom. 

The installation and management of solar PV systems is a complex and highly skilled undertaking sitting on top of your most expensive asset – your home or business, so you don’t want to get it wrong.


Expert Solar Installation

Avoiding Common Mistakes for Safe and Efficient Systems

With so many new solar products and changing technology, it’s very difficult to know what the right system and tech is for your needs now, and in future. Every component in your system needs to be compatible – not every inverter is compatible with every battery, and even different makes of municipal electricity meters can prove problematic. Deal with an expert who knows their stuff and has the track record, deep technical expertise and perfect installations over the years to walk the journey with you.

A quick look at Hello Peter and the proliferation of new contractors that have suddenly sprung up trying to cash in on the solar boom are evidence that there are plenty of very bad deals out there, with lousy outdated technology and even more questionable installation and safety standards. No one becomes a solar specialist in a few months! Work with qualified professionals and get it right, first time.

Even the best equipment will fail and perform badly if they are not installed and programmed correctly. The consequence of a non-compliant installation is poor system performance, premature battery failures and in the worst cases, an outright safety/fire hazard. And if the worst should happen, any insurance claim will be rejected due to non-compliance.

Perfect Installations

Our driving business philosophy is summed up in two words – Perfect Installations, with over 13 500+ perfect solar installations completed as at the end of 2022.  

Proud Associate member of SAPVIA

PV GreenCard certified installers

Qualified electricians and plumbers

Multiple Award-Winner

Best Renewable Energy Network – South Africa’ – MEA Markets Business Awards 2020

Most Trusted Renewable Energy Network – South Africa – Mea Markets Africa Excellence Awards 2021

Renewable Energy Network of the Year - South Africa – MEA Markets Business Awards 2021

Most Trusted Solar Energy Franchise Group - South Africa - MEA Markets Business Awards 2022

3 Steps to Achieve Grid Independence

The journey to grid independence is a big and important decision and you need to be sure that the steps you take today are right for your needs down the line. 

Schedule your obligation-free consultation and comprehensive assessment to get off the grid, step-by-step, with a solar partner that walks the journey with you, every step of the way. 

Book a Free site visit & consultation

A thorough load analysis, site assessment and consultation is a must to work out the right fit for your needs based on day/night usage, selective loads or peak demands and your long term plans, all of which need to be factored into your solar PV solution. We can tell you how much your system will generate and what you can expect with absolute confidence – because we’ve done the proper groundwork upfront with you.

System design & implementation

Based on your site assessment and energy audit, we’ll design a scalable, quality solar PV hybrid solution that takes care of your immediate needs for back-up power during load shedding and power failures and allows you to scale up in future to maximum self-generation by adding solar panels and additional battery storage if needed. Not all inverters offer this scalable functionality so work with a solar partner who is experienced in this field.

‘always on’ power

When the lights do go out in your suburb, you won’t even know about it. You take back control and ensure the security of your electricity supply, your productivity, your safety and costs for your home and business with reliable, renewable solar performance.

Premier Choice for Solar Energy

Why One Energy is the Top Choice for Solar Energy Solutions

Established in 2011

One Energy is a multiple award-winning and market leading solar energy franchise established in 2011.. Our ethos of perfect installations backed by quality work, service and products means that every one of our clients is a contactable reference.

Customer Education

We spend the time with you to explain the ins and outs, how your system works and why, how it compares with other systems and technology on the market, how to get your home or business PV ready, and what the right solution is for your specific needs and objectives.

National Footprint

We have a network of franchise branches nationally and a central head office which allows us to facilitate renewable energy projects for clients who want a standardised installation and national roll out across all their operations/sites.

Best-in-class solutions

We pride ourselves on our 100% quality guarantee as we only deal with tier 1 equipment and manufacturers with extended warranties and in-country support and back-up. And if the products are not NRS-097 approved, we won’t install it!

Certificate of

We are non-negotiable on aspects of product quality, technical capabilities, safety and compliance, warranties, and after sales support and suitability for South African conditions. All our installations are inspected and signed off by qualified electricians and a supplementary COC is issued.

After sales service & support

Choosing a reliable supplier with a strong national presence and central office for long-term support is crucial. One Energy tracks all installations with reports, certificates, and photographs, which are stored in a central system for quality control, warranty management, and life cycle management.

Remote Monitoring

Performance monitoring, system and firmware updates, maintenance and troubleshooting are easily and quickly managed through remote monitoring applications which provide us and you with a real-time view of your system, 24/7/365.


We offer the options of outright purchases of equipment, finance options through trusted financial services providers for individuals and businesses, as well as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for larger commercial clients.

Secure Your Electricity Supply with Reliable, Repeatable, Renewable Solar Performance

You can take back control and ensure the security of your electricity supply, your productivity and your safety for your home and business with reliable, repeatable, renewable solar performance from One Energy.

Get off the grid step-by-step with best-in-class solar energy solutions and never worry about load shedding, power outages and outrageous electricity costs again.

We get you off the grid step-by-step – never worry about load shedding and outrageous electricity costs again. 

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